kickstarerNew KICKSTARTER Project!

Our first ever printed publication is currently in development and we need your support! We’re putting together a 20-30 page book with magazine styled layouts to introduce our revolutionary new Bible Study lecture series. It will contain brief articles, illustrations, photography, charts, and even videos of the introductory lessons content. It will also include a map of where bible studies are being taught all over the world as well as photographs of the bible study’s origins in Korea. It will not contain the full contents of the entire lecture series, but a great sampling of our best introductory lectures.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join in on the fun. Visit our Kickstarter project page and lend your ideas and support!


Bible Study Interactive is an ongoing development project. We have people learning bible study all over the world at a local level but this is our venture onto the online world. We have some previously recorded lessons available below but for up to date info it’s best to follow on Google+.

We have been getting a great number of requests for further lessons. We would like to begin experimenting with online bible study groups, but we are still in the early planning stages. If you are interested in learning the entire bible study be sure to apply online!

Life After Deaith

Peter and the Fish